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Postcards from the Fjords in Norway

This week update about our road trip in Norway will be about our stay in the fjords. Part of it on Ombo, an island situated North of Stavanger. You’ll find the posts from the first part of our trip in Denmark: How to Slow Travel in Copenhagen Slow Living Getaway in Denmark And the first […]

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Slow Living Getaway in Denmark

After visiting Copenhagen, we wanted to have a little break. We needed a getaway, quiet and close to the beach. We chose the Denmark western coast. Denmark in itself appeared to us as a peaceful country. Almost everywhere we went we found a quiet place, simple landscape soothing the eye, little noise except the sea […]

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travel guide series
Slow Travelling

Why we created a Slow Travel Guide series

Great news! We are officially launching our first guide from the Slow Travel Guide series today!!!! I have to explain how we came to create our travel guide series. We perfectly know there are many of them out there. Our guides are not supposed to be very exhaustive books. They will rather contain a limited but well-chosen amount of […]

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Slow Living

Reading A Book About The Kinfolk Home

Nathan Williams wrote this book and edited it. Kinfolk is a website and magazine about interior design and art mostly. They also published two fantastic books that are so inspiring. I recommend this one. The first time, I read it from first to the last page. Then I read it choosing one page at […]

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