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Postcard From The English Moors

If there is something you should consider when Visiting England, it’s walking. This country and I may say even Great Britain has master the art of walks on its green soil. Therefore, my English Moors Postcard, which I hope, will give you a first taste of what walking means from the English Countryside. Dramatic skies […]

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Slow Travelling

Where to Slow Travel this September

This September and but also in October! Why travel now during the fall? I have always preferred travelling during the fall, especially in September. It’s not too warm or too busy anymore. It’s not cold either. September has this particular warmish light, not too bright and just strong enough to see perfectly colours. As a […]

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Slow Living

Reading A Book About Spring Edited By Melissa Harrison

Want to read about spring during the springtime? Spring Edited by Melissa Harrison This month I chose to read “Spring,” following “Winter” in the series “An Anthology for the changing seasons.” Why I decided to read this book is obviously linked to the upcoming springtime. Why I decided to tell you about this book is less […]

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A Day Visit in Cambridge England

We hopped on a train from King’s Cross station to spend a short weekend in one of the most famous University cities in the world. We were there for a festive weekend. Some students were graduating, there were many visitors, and the streets were even more busy than usual. Cambridge is a balancing between the […]

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Slow Travelling

10 Photo Spots in London Docks Surroundings in England

The dockland in London is not the first destination people choose when they visit this beautiful capital. Yet, it inspires one of our favourite walks. Tower Hill Station Tower Hill station is the starting point of our walk. We always enjoy a nice view of some famous city landscapes, and the Tower of London. For here I will guide […]

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