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If you think your life is overwhelming, that you are always too busy, and you worry sometimes at night that you are not taking enough quality time with your loved ones, then this website is for you!

Follow the Slow Travel pace of our adventure to discover what you can accomplish when you choose to simplify your life and your way of travelling.

I can help you embrace your life and open your children to the world experience very simply. Don’t suffer the modern lack of time, energy or money. Learn to sort out what really matters to you to take control of your life, your schedule and your travel experiences.

You’ll have to make choices for that, but nothing can change in your life if you don’t change anything.

Respect is the one word I taught my children to be the most important one. To learn respect for ourselves, for others, we need to be open to differences. This you can never learn through TV or Internet. You have to leave your home and see the world for yourself. And you don’t necessarily have to go far for that.

Be “OnEarth” and embrace your life!


Hi, I’m Gaelle!

I’m French and I fell in love with Canada a decade ago. I love my family above all things, but I allow myself other passions! Apart from the ones I use to run this Blog, I love forest and water, Coriander, chocolate, I have a passion for Blue Doors (I’m must find one in any new place I go!). I love discovering a new book, but always try to buy a kindle version. Because above all, I hate chores, as I want to leave in a clean space, I decided to simplify, and maybe minimalize.

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Postcard From The Canadian Railway