A Quick Overview of the SageOnEarth 2017 Posts and my 2018 Plans!

Today it’s about the SageOnEarth 2017 posts and year. To begin 2018 gently, I will only remind you of our most useful posts. This is our quick overview of SageOnEarth 2017 posts and our 2018 plans!

Of course, you don’t have to go through all these posts right now, just know that this list is available in the “Slow Travelling” and the “Slow Living” categories. Anyway, I would really want to hear from you about your plans, so first:

Our Goals for the coming year

In 2017 SageOnEarth has seen so huge changes, just like our family when thinking of it. We travelled a lot, and so did our blog! We have even bigger ideas for 2018, so stay tuned for some motivation and inspiration about travelling. Don’t forget to visit our “About page” where we explain everything about the SageOnEarth project.

It’s time now to wish you a Happy New Year!

Hope to see you in few days when we are back from Vancouver and our Trans-Canada ViaRail trip!

In the meantime, I would love to hear about your big project for this coming year.

Are you going to get out of your comfort zone, what are your “crazy” ideas? The ones you wished you’d have enough strength/time/energy/money to achieve?

Tell me everything in a comment below!

Now you can get back to our 2017 posts

Voyages in France

A day visit in St Tropez, South of France.

4+ things to do in Nice (France) in Winter

15 places in Hyeres on French Riviera

3 Visit ideas for the city of Hyeres on French Riviera

7 places to see Paris from above

6 Things to do in Paris on New Year’s Day

Traboules : A Taste of Renaissance In France

Voyages in the UK

Arthur’s Seat Walk In Edinburgh

3 Visit ideas in Edinburgh, Scotland

The 8 SageOnEarth Pieces Of Wisdom About Cornwall

SageOnEarth English Moors Postcard

A Day Visit in Cambridge

A closer look at London

18 spots to discover Notting Hill in a different way

10 Photo Spots in London Docks Surroundings

Why You Should Head to Kyoto Garden this Week-End

3 Walks and 3 Coffees near Richmond

2 Places To Visit In Kew Gardens

Voyages in Europe

Postcards from Oslo, our Good Bye to Scandinavia!

Postcards from Norway wilderness and traditions around Geilo

Slow Living Getaway in Denmark

How to Slow Travel in Copenhagen

Postcards from the Fjords

Postcards from Stavanger in Norway

10 Things We Did Not Do In Amsterdam

Voyages in America

SageOnEarth Apple Farm Postcard in Autumn

A SageOnEarth Cabin in Quebec Postcard!

My Toronto Post Card for October

11 reasons to leave right now and enjoy the winter in Toronto

Voyages in Africa

The 5 W questions and 1 H about Marrakech and its surroundings

Slow Travelling Tips

10 Things to Pack for a Cabin Getaway

10 ideas for a successful light packing this autumn

Great News: You Can Slow Travel From Home!

Where to Slow Travel this September

10 Things to Pack for a Cabin Getaway

9 positive thoughts on an unexpected way back home

Slow Living Tips

6 Books for Going Back to Reading this Semester

16 Boxes: How We Move Overseas

How To Slow Travel Through Christmas Shopping

I’m not ready to go “back to school” yet!

4 people that will inspire your spring cleaning through minimalism

4 apps that will change your well-being habits

8 Tips to improve your misty photos


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