The SageOnEarth 12 days of Christmas!

12 days of Christmas is a fun way to take some slow time during the holidays.

Christmas time with real people

In this festive time of the year, let’s keep it simple. The most important is to spend time with your loved ones, that’s why I will dare use my last year’s posts about slow living at Christmas. It’s all about getting off your screens during the Holidays, enjoy family time and have mindful activities. Your phone is not your best friend, neither it is for me; it’s a good time to remember that.

I’m sending these 12 days of Christmas now because, if you have children involved, these are to be tried during there vacation. But in that case, you will want to get ready before school is ending. If you don’t have any children at home, you will want to try my 12 days before Christmas, as they are the perfect occasion to catch the Holiday mood!

Enjoy our 12 days of Christmas!

Our ultimate 12 days of Christmas list

1-Christmas Tip #1 For A Mindful Family Time

2-☃Christmas Tip #2 For A Mindful Family Time

3-❄Christmas Tip #3 For A Mindful Family Time

4-Christmas Tip #4 For A Mindful Family Time

5-☃Christmas Tip #5 For A Mindful Family Time

6-❄Christmas Tip #6 For A Mindful Family Time

7-Christmas Tip #7 For A Mindful Family Time

8-☃Christmas Tip #8 For A Mindful Family Time

9-❄Christmas Tip #9 For A Mindful Family Time

10-Christmas Tip #10 For A Mindful Family Time

11-☃Christmas Tip #11 For A Mindful Family Time

12-❄Christmas Tip #12 For A Mindful Family Time

I hope you’ll have fun with these!

Here is a little reminder of our DIY for a minimalist eco-friendly Christmas tree:

christmas tree

If you need some recipe:

Simple Recipe: Galette des Rois (King cake with almond cream)

The 13 Desserts of Christmas from Provence (South of France)

Remember to have fun play for real, get outside as much as you can, enjoy hot cocoa and gingerbread, but not too much!

If you want to read more about the benefit of being mindful this season

“Christmas Present: Have Yourself a Mindful Little Christmas” by the HuffPost

There’s also this lovely post from a beginning blog, (and talking about us!) which is a simple reminder for taking things slowly:

“The speed you’re not used to” by



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