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Photo Guide Unusual Subway Stations in Paris, France

Why a subway stations tour?

When it’s raining in Paris, yes, it happens, or on a 1st of January, there’s less excitement in the fact of wandering the streets. But don’t worry I’ve got your back!

Paris subway is a fascinating place to visit. So grab your RATP day pass and follow us! (This guide is not sponsored)

About the pass, you need a zone 1 and 2 to stay inner Paris as required by this guide. And you can ask for a 1, 2, 3 or 5 days ticket.

I will try my best to describe precisely where to find exciting features in each station on this list, in the meantime, this is a google map outlining the tour:

“Photo Guide Unusual Subway Stations in Paris, France” Detailed Map

As you can see, the departure and arrival points are the same. That means you can start from anywhere you want, the closest from your hotel, the better. The tour took us 5 hours. To this, you can add a break for lunch or have lunch in the subway if you fancy a wholly immersive experience!

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