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Learn To Be A Gondolier In Venice!

December 4, 2016
More than a lesson, a share of passion

Row Venice is a non profit organization that works hard to rescue a very traditional Venetian boat almost forgotten. Back in the old times when Venetian were exclusively rowing everywhere,Β batelli code di gambero was the most common boat. Gondolas were made to be used by the richest. They were prettier but much smaller and less stable than the simpleΒ β€œshrimp-tailed” boats. Yet, nowadays only 7 batelli code di gambero remain in Venice. Row Venice is investing every penny earned with the lessons. They manage to put back into the canals water 4 new boats until now. You can enjoy those lessons as a couple or a family, children are very much welcomed! There are 3 different kind of class you can choose from on the website.

How did we find Row Venice in the first place

We went to Venice 20 years ago and came back with our children for the first time since. They were really impatient to go to that legendary city. Indeed they were even more impatient to go for a ride on a gondola. Yet, I wasn’t not very keen on going for that very common attraction, even more when I saw the prices on internet for 20 short min. I really wanted to find something. It was important for my two teenagers so that was on the “to do” list. When we go for a trip we always make sure that everyone, especially the kids, get involved in what we do once there. So they have to make they research and find one or even better several things they want to try. Gondola was on top of the list for both of them. We couldn’t possibly not honour it! So there I was wandering on Viator for unusual activities in Venice and a gondola ride.

Our experience

No other words than delightful! We spend 90 min on the boat with a most kind teacher: Caroline Barray. Like us, she was French and she chose to live her life somewhere else. I must say it was fun from the beginning for the four of us to be able to small-chat in our native language with someone else. It doesn’t happen that often. We met someone passionate about rowing, about Venice and who happened to be a talented artist too. She was patient and helpful. She really succeeded in making the whole experience enjoyable for everyone. We learnt a lot about that beautiful city and we discovered precious information about the Venetian rowing world.

Our teacher Caroline Barray
Share the passion

It’s my time to share that beautiful passion that moves the Row Venice team of volunteers. I really advice everyone who go to Venice to have a go. It is important to indulge into the traditions of a foreign place, it is even more important if it is meaningful to you and to others!

Meeting some other rowers… unusual!

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